A few answers to the most commonly asked questions by our customers.

  • How can I reach out to support?

    You can click on the buttons above to reach out to me through my social media accounts. It would be better if you ask for help on my Discord server.

  • Does my server need to have a framework for the maps to work?

    No, they are standalone and can work on default FiveM servers. If the map has included scripts, then you will need to read the instructions as a framework like ESX or QB Core might be needed.

  • Is my map protected?

    Of course, all maps are encrypted and cannot be modified even if leaked. We ask you to report any security vulnerability you find.

  • What's the difference between base and Premium categories?

    The base version of a map gives you only the actual map, without Premium features like audio occlusion, minimap, door turning and much more. Unlock all these features by purchasing the Premium version of each map you want to upgrade!

  • Can I ask for my map to be customized?

    No, we won't customize maps, but you can do it yourself by purchasing the Premium version of each map that needs customization.